Photo by Jeremy Bearden


Clark County has three great parks for family camping and recreation...
Our county park, Mill Creek has complete camping facilities, including hook-ups, shower facilities, recreation areas and the county's largest lake with plenty of room for fishing, water skiing & boating. Mill Creek also offers cabin rentals, hiking, RV and bridle trails, boat rentals and more.

   Lincoln Trail State Park, just south of Marshall has a fishing lake and great camping with all the amenities as well. Lincoln Trail offers a newly remodeled restaurant, and a very scenic drive around the lake and a nice hiking trail.


Planning is underway for county wide bike paths, you will find excellent biking opportunities in both local parks, Mill Creek and Lincoln Trail State Park

Trail Walking - Hiking  

Mill Creek offers 4 great trails - easy to moderate walks and up to over 2 miles long.


Lincoln Trail State Park offers 2 trails.