Rules of Practice - 5th Judicial Circuit of Illinois


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  (A) Chief Judge  
    1. Selection of Chief Judge  
    2. Acting Chief Judge  
    3. Vacancy in the Office of Chief Judge  
  (B) Presiding Judge  
    1. Designation of Presiding Judge  
    2. Duties of the Presiding Judge  

Judicial Assignments

    1. Assignments by Chief Judge  
    2. Assignments by presiding Judge  
    3. Assignments of Successor Judge  

RULE II.   Jurors, Terms of Service, Summons and Excuse


Grand Jurors

  (B) Petit Jurors  
  (C) Assessments of Costs for Unnecessary Call of Jury Panel  
  (D) Jury Excuses  

Jury Commission

RULE III.   Appearances, Time to Plead & Withdrawal
  (A) Written Appearances  
  (B) Time to Plead  
  (C) Appearance and Withdrawal of Attorneys  
    1. Written Appearance  
    2. Withdrawal of Attorney  

Admission of Foreign Attorneys in Isolated Cases

    1. Application for Admission  
    2. Order for Admission  
    3. Contents of Application  
RULE IV. Motions

Motion Practice

    1. Notice  
    2. Content of Notice  
    3. Service of Notice  
    4. Time of Notice  


Summary Judgment  
    6. Coordination of Hearing Date  
    7. Failure to Call Motions for Hearing  
    8. Memoranda of Law and Authorities  

Ex Parte and Emergency Motions

    1. Ex Parte Applications  
    2. Notice Not Required  
    3. Notice After Hearing  
RULE V. Discovery Practice

Written Interrogatories

  (B) Days for taking Depositions  
  (C) Restrictive Filing  
  (D) Criminal Cases  
Rule VI. Pre-Trial Procedure

Supreme Court Rule 22

    1. Compliance with Rule 222  
    2. Affidavit re Damages Sought  
  (B) Case Management Conferences  
    1. Compliance with Supreme Court Rule 218  
    2. Initial Case Management Conference  
    3. Necessity and Purpose of Case Management Conferences  
    4. Case Management Memorandum  
  (C) Settlement Prior to Trial  
  (D) Pre-Trial Marking of Exhibits  

Trial Memorandum

    1. Preparation and Use  
    2. Unusual Statutes  
RULE VII. Receivers
  (A) Disqualifications  
  (B) Exception  
  (C) Attorneys for receivers  
  (D) Inventories of Receivers  
  (E) Appraisal for Receivers  
    1. Appraisers  
    2. Appraisal by Receiver  

Reports of Receivers

    1. Time of Filing  
    2. Forms  

Receiver's Bonds

    1. Personal Sureties  
    2. Surety Companies  
RULE VIII. Special Rules Pertaining to Matrimonial Cases
  (A) Matrimonial Cases Defined  
  (B) Record of Proceedings  
  (c) Financial Affidavit  
RULE IX. Special Rules Pertaining to Small Claims Actions
  (A) Issuance of Summons  
  (B) Corporations  
  (C) Initial Appearance by Parties  
  (D) Denial of Claim  
  (E) Vacating Default Judgment  
  (F) Dismissal for Lack of Activity  
  (G) Matter Under Advisement  
  (H) Post Judgment Matters  
Rule X. Settlement of Minor's  or Ward's Personal Injury Claim, Wrongful Death Claim,  or Claim Under the Survival Statute
  (A) Contents of Petition  
  (B) Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem  
  (C) Attorney's Fees  
  (D) Order of Approving Settlement  
  (E) Vouchers  
  (F) Deposit and Investment of Funds  
  (G) Annuity Payments to Minor's Estate  
RULE XI. Judgments, Orders and Decrees
  (A) Entry of Judgments, Orders and Decrees  
  (B) Dismissal for Want of Prosecution  
RULE XII. Cases Under Advisement
Rule XIII. Court Facilities
RULE XIV. Rules of the Court, 5th Judicial Circuit
Appendix A - Case Mgmt Memorandum
Appendix B - Trial Memorandum