Clark County Law Library
The law library, located on the second floor of the courthouse is open to all members of the public, attorneys, judges and other public officers of the county whenever the courthouse is open. the expense of establishing and maintaining the library is defrayed through fees authorized by the Clark County board, which are collected by the Circuit Clerk on pleadings files in the court.

Library Resources

  • Illinois Compiled Statutes
  • US Code Annotated
  • West's Illinois Digest 2d
  • West's Illinois Decisions
  • West's Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated
  • Illinois Law & Practice
  • West's Uniform Commercial Code (Annotated)
  • Official Illinois Reports
  • Official Illinois Appellate Court reports, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Series
  • Opinions of the Illinois Attorney General
  • Nichol's Illinois Civil Practice w/forms
  • Illinois Legislative Service
  • Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
  • Ordinances of the City of Casey and the City of Marshall
  • Black's law Directory

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