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Jury Selection and Service Process-FAQS

How are jurors selected for jury service?
Each year the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts produces a Jury List for use by the Court in qualifying and summoning jurors in Clark County. The jurors on the list have been randomly selected from a general jury list which combines the names of all registered voters, drivers license holders 18 years of age and older whose licenses have been issued within the past 6 years, holders of Illinois Identification Cards, and holders of Illinois Disabled Person Identification Cards.

What are the qualifications required to be a juror?
To be qualified as a juror you must be:
1.   At least 18 years of age or older
2.   A U.S. Citizen
3.   A resident of Clark County
If you do not meet all of these qualifications, please contact the Circuit Clerk's Office before the date you are supposed to serve. Please be prepared to support your belief that you are not qualified to serve.

Can I be excused from jury service?
You can be excused from jury service depending on the circumstances. Some valid reasons include:
1.   You have a medical condition and jury duty presents a hazard to your health.
2.   You are an active member of the military - Nat'l Reserve members are not exempt.
3.   You are currently on probation or parole.
4.   You currently have a lawsuit filed in Clark County.
5.   You currently reside in a nursing home or institution.
6.   You will suffer extreme financial hardship.
7.   You cannot obtain childcare.
8.   You are the primary caregiver of another person.

All of the above reasons must be supported with the appropriate documentation.

Why is jury service important?
The United States Constitution and the Illinois Constitution guarantee all people regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin or economic status the right to trial by an impartial jury of one's peers. In order to uphold this guarantee, we need those summoned to participate in the jury process to ensure every citizen's right to have their case decided by an impartial jury selected from a representative pool of prospective jurors.

Who is entitled to a jury trial?
Any person charged with a criminal offense or any party in a civil case has the right to a trial by jury. All parties are equal before the law and each is given the same fair and impartial treatment.

What are my duties as a juror?
Your duty as a juror is to weigh all evidence and testimony presented to you and to decide the outcome of the case based upon the law and the evidence. Your decision must be fair, impartial and free of any bias or prejudice. Jury service is the basis of our judicial system and is essential to the administration of justice.

How are jurors selected for trial?
Jurors are selected through a process known as voir dire.