Clark County E-911
115 North 5th Street
Marshall, Il 62441

Non-Emergency Phone:
(217) 826-3339

Jim Bender
E-911 Director


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Board Members:
Re-appointed for 1/31/2015
thru 1/31/2019

Sharon Blankenbecker
Jerry Parsley
Richard Wheeler

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 For EMERGENCIES, call 911
or the non-emergency phone number 
on the left column for  information

The Clark County 911 Centerís primary mission is to handle all incoming emergency calls and dispatch emergency services for the entire county. The 911 Center, after regular business hours, is also a central dispatch and answering point for each of the cities located throughout the County. The 911 telecommunicators are responsible for dispatching all fire, police and E.M.S. units for each emergency situation. Each telecommunicator is trained and certified in Emergency Medical Dispatching to assist callers with pre-arrival instructions before emergency personnel arrive on the scene. The 911 Center is manned 24/7 by dedicated employees that handle thousands of calls efficiently and professionally each year.

When to call 911? If you are calling 911 to save a life, stop a crime or report an emergency situation, by all means, call. Your call will be answered in seconds and will be immediately assessed by the telecommunicator, and the appropriate services will be dispatched to assist you in your time of need.

   When NOT to call 911? If you are calling, requesting information only, such as the estimated time the power will come back on, or inquiring of traffic conditions, etc. you are not utilizing 911 correctly. These calls should be made to the non-emergency phone line of the actual department that would handle that call. Each major city in the county has 24/7 answering service for their utility and police departments.

   When to hang up with 911? No matter what the circumstances are for calling 911, you should stay on the line unless dangerous circumstances prevent you from doing so. Our Enhanced 911 system normally provides us with key information about your call, allowing us to locate you. If you or another family member accidently calls 911, stay on the line and talk to us. Hanging up your phone quickly will not stop the call from coming into the 911 Center. We will inquire as to why you called and make an assessment of the circumstances surrounding the call. Our policy is to notify the agency that has jurisdiction in the area the call originated from, to make the final determination for further action. If you have an actual emergency, we will quickly ask for critical information and begin the process of getting you help. During the call there will be times we are doing many things simultaneously and there may be pauses in your conversation with us. Unless your personal safety is at stake, stay on the line until we say you can disconnect with us. The reason for this is so we can ask for additional information due to conditions changing in the dynamics of your emergency.


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