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                        Moonshine, Illinois - Population 2....and that's just about perfect

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A wide spot in the road in the SW corner of Clark County,  Moonshine is the in spot for the elite to meet. You'll need a compass, plat map and a little luck to find it, but she's worth the trip....and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than going to St Barth's for a cheeseburger in paradise.

Roy Lee and Helen Tuttle bought the old-time (circa 1912) country  store in 1982 and promptly made it the best eating house in town - heck, it's the only building in town, unless you count the outhouse - and you had better count it..,

Aside from cold cut deli-style sandwiches, drinks and snacks, Moonshine is the home of the world-famous Moonburger. You can get a double beef cheese Moonburger, you can get a bacon Moonburger, shoot, you can get a Moonburger just about any old way y'all want it.



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Helen Tuttle flips the Moonburgers
But only 'till 12:30 pm and that's it, you'll just have to order a cold cut sandwich after that. An average day is 140 sandwiches, if there's a blizzard- it drops down to only 19 or so. I
n April of 2010 a motorcycle rally (Moonshine Lunch Run) consisting of enthusiasts from several US states and Canada showed up and demolished a whopping 1,908 sandwiches.


The store guest-book has visitors from all 50 states and around the world. The visitors get a chance to enjoy hospitality and ambience from days gone by, no fancy menus or dinner tabs here, just give her your name when you order over the deli counter and pay as you leave. You can sit down on the inside benches or enjoy the picnic tables right next to the kerosene pump.

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Lyndell Wright from Robinson, IL took a few minutes off from squirrel hunting to stop in for a double Moonburger.


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We weren't kidding about the Kerosene pump!

Courtesy Moonshine Lunch Run

Courtesy of Blogger Mike Keucher  



Moonshine Store
6017 E 300th Rd
Martinsville, IL 62442
(618) 569-9200


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